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Standart Pills Ch. 01

Eric held the little pill in his hand - he looked at it. "Maybe I shouldn't," he struggled speaking to himself. His mind had gone back and forth several times.

The pill Eric was holding was the result of much effort and research...and the fact that at 23 he was yet to get laid. He had always been a really good student and had found himself a lab assistant when he went to college. He soon realized that he had access and time to do some unauthorized experimentation and development.

Eric figured that through chemistry he would be able to "fix" his problem with women. He had done a lot of work on a class of drugs called hypnotics which had nothing to do with hypnosis - they induced varying degrees of sleep or unconsciousness. Eric had wondered if there was a way to make hypnotics actually reflect in their result their name. Some tinkering and research and he had come to develop a mix of chemicals that combined the sleep inducing properties of a hypnotic and a "will suppressant".

The issue of course was that everything Eric did was unauthorized and so the final part of his experiment, the testing, proved difficult. So, there he stood with the pill in hand contemplating whether or not he should dose Cassie his sister.

He didn't plan anything terrible. He would do things you might see in a side show, make her quack like a duck or bark like a dog. It really didn't matter because Cassie wasn't his intended target - she was his sister - who would just be the way he knew if his intended targets were within reach.

"Dinner almost ready," Cassie asked walking by Eric into the living room. Eric snapped out of his reverie closing his fist around the pill. While he had no plans to do anything bad to his sister it wouldn't be true to say he had never entertained thoughts about her.

Unlike Eric Cassie would have no problem getting laid. She was a slim 5' 4" blonde with a perky full B-cup breasts a wasp like waist and a small tight but perfectly round ass. Cassie seemed to always have a smile on her face. Her deep blue eyes and thick unnaturally pink lips had launched many masturbation fantasies amongst men including her brother. She was a walking wet dream.

As Eric came to he saw Cassie leaving the kitchen to enter the living room his eyes went to her ass. Her tight jeans accentuated the small perfect globes and Eric felt himself begin to grow.

Cassie might not be his target but girls like her were. All those girls who had made him hard who were so far beyond his reach would be his to enjoy if this worked. Eric's dick was throbbing in his pants now."Making Cassie bark is worth what I get to have if this works," Eric whispered to himself. He dropped the pill in her juice.

Walking into the living room he saw Cassie had cued up the movie. "A gourmet delight," he offered handing her a plate and her glass. Eric quickly returned to the kitchen and grabbed his dinner.

Eric and Cassie were good siblings. They had watched movies on a Friday night since they were kids and Eric's lack of luck with women had done nothing to change that. Cassie went out on Saturday's so this tradition was safe.

Soon dinner was finished and Cassie gave Eric her usual peck on the cheek to thank him and then, also in line with her routine, laid her head on his shoulder to watch the rest of the movie. It was pure ecstasy for Eric and at the same time he was very uncomfortable with it.

The only interruption in the tradition had come about a year ago and it lasted about a month and a half. Cassie had followed her routine to a tee, the kiss and head on shoulder when she lazily let her hand fall coming to rest on Eric's erection which was growing down his leg. She gasped. Eric jumped quickly leaving the room. There was no way to explain it as they were watching a Disney movie with no sexual content - it was obvious he was hard for her - there was no other stimulation.

Eric did his best to avoid his sister anymore than absolutely necessary and lasted for weeks until one Friday she entered his room. "Eric I miss you," she started not even bothering to ease her way into conversation. He couldn't look at her. He was embarrassed. "Eric," she implored.

"What," he raised his voice "what do you want me to say here?" He looked at her. "I get hard when I'm around you OK - happy now?"

"It's sick, I'm sick, OK"

"Eric," she paused "you're not sick, I'm just that hot."

He looked at her. She was smiling. Eric realized that she was joking trying to change the mood.

"I really miss our Friday's and want you to know I'm OK with knowing," she said.

Eric was totally flabbergasted. His sister not only knew he got hard escort kartal for her (she was no dummy she knew what kind of thoughts that meant he was having) but she accepted it. He just stared at her.

Cassie now had a different look on her face. Her visage reflected trepidation. "Eric, uh," she started "m-maybe you should jerk off before our movies."

Eric's mind was reeling. Was she actually suggesting that he beat off? Was she telling him that she wanted him to take a few minutes before they cuddled up together to stroke himself to thoughts of her. She knew that's what it would be - she was no dummy.

Now she really had a look on her face. Eric wondered what else could she have to say. "Eric I love you and want us to spend time together"

He knew this one was going to be huge.

As she spoke her hands came from behind her back. Eric hadn't noticed that they were back there. "I think if I dive into this with you it will make it less awkward for you."

Oh lord what was she going to suggest?

Momentarily Eric thought his sister was going to suggest that they have sex. He felt light headed, his dick had never been so hard. He had to stop her because even though he had fantasized about doing all sorts of nasty things to her this was reality not fantasy. Eric couldn't believe his sister was about to offer herself and he was going to reject her. In his mind he had never seen a hotter woman - ever.

Eric began to cut her off when he saw what she had been holding in her hand behind her back. Cassie stood there holding forth one of her thong panties. He looked at her face. The redness in her face told the story of how difficult this was for her.

"Use these," she managed "they should help with your um, stimulation."

"Have you lost it Cass," Eric inquired. "I ca..."

She cut him off. "Eric, I'm out there with you now can't you see that? Can't you see how difficult this is for me but I want my brother back and I know this changes things but it gives me that. You have to do it now."

The world had gone crazy but Eric was no fool he could see how embarrassed she was and it was plain how important their relationship was to her. "Ok"

Cassie's eyes lit up. Turning to leave Eric to get to business Cassie offered, "I will get you another pair every Friday" She started out of the room when she stopped. "They aren't fresh," she looked down " I wore them for you so you might, might..." She couldn't say it.

Eric looked at the thong he was holding realizing how much more valuable they had just become his dick was rock hard. "It's ok Cass I get it, thanks."

That was year ago and Cassie had regularly delivered her musky panties to Eric who dutifully sniffed in her essence and filled each pair to overflowing with significant loads of cum. And, it had worked. They shared the secret and had resumed their Friday tradition.

Now Eric was sure the pill had enough time to work if it was going to at all. "Cass," he called. No answer. Good he thought. He adjusted himself and his sister so she was leaned back on the couch. Her eyes were glassy and distant.

"Cass can you hear me," he asked. A strange low monotone yes escaped her throat. "Cass, bark like a dog." She did a strangely accurate rendition of a dog. Eric was thrilled. It had worked. He should test more. Being cautious Eric had studied hypnosis not stagecraft but therapeutic hypnosis in order that he could dive deeper into the already open mind of his intended targets. He figured that the combination would allow him to bypass any strong opposition to something he might suggest. Eric would have absolute control over a target.

After taking his sister through induction he sat on the adjacent couch thinking of what he should do. Eric looked at her his beautiful sister her head lolled back jutting her perky breast forward. He felt his hardness begin to throb. Eric tried to push away his thoughts but it was useless.

He could sense his brain losing the battle with his dick and quickly came up with a compromise. He wouldn't touch her but he would explore her in other ways.

"Cass, I am going to ask you some questions and you want to answer them honestly. In fact you want to be more than honest if something might answer the question more fully but you would usually not say it because it would be embarrassing or get you in trouble then you really need to tell me."

"Cassie are you a virgin?" Cassie answered quickly, " of course not every man or boy who sees me tries to get in my pants and some of them are just to hot to pass up." Eric knew then that his command had taken.

"Do you like sex," he uğur mumcu escort asked. "I love good sex but too many guys aren't really that good," she paused as if she were thinking of something " not like Jamal." Eric was stunned. Jamal was a friend of his and the only Black guy in the school.

Assuming he asked, " is it Jamal's size?" Her head shook no. "Jamal is maybe a little bigger than average that's not it he just knows how to fuck. He would not stop unless I had come too. Damn he was good"

Listening to Cassie had caused the insistent throbbing to return. "Cass, completely different question why did you give your panties to Eric?"

"Eric did such a poor job of hiding his desire for me I knew long before I felt his erection that he thought about me. But Eric is a guy and I learned a while ago the effect I have on guys so I couldn't be mad even if he is my brother."

"I wish he had more control but it's understandable. I knew that if he had those panties and could smell me he could live out part of his fantasy without being so ashamed of himself and I could have my brother back"

"What were you willing to do for Eric?" "I am not sure. I thought about everything including just giving myself to him for one time but I don't think I could have done it." She stopped and then continued, "I had two issues one that he was my brother and the other that since Jamal left I decided not to have sex again until I was sure a man would please me to. I briefly thought about letting him do anal but I hate anal"

Eric thought he might cum right there. His sister the owner of the most perfect ass he had ever seen had thought of letting him fuck her - in that ass. Right then and there the war between brain and dick ended. Brain laid defeated and dick marched forward.

A plan formulated quickly in his mind. He was going to have that ass and she was going to think she gave it to him. A tiny piece of him still struggled against his throbbing member but it was to no avail. He was going to have her.

"Cass, when you wake you will not notice that the movie we are watching is different." "The sex scene will make you extremely horny, in fact you will be the most horny you have ever been, your pussy will be extremely wet and your clit extremely sensitive. As the scene continues you will continue to be aroused"

"About ten minutes later there will be a second sex scene this one will be simulated anal sex. When you see that scene your ass will become as needy as your pussy and you will realize that you need to have your ass filled immediately with a hard cock. Realizing I am the only one around you will beg me to fuck you in your ass."

"Whenever I enter you it will be like a revelation, feeling me will be like nothing you've ever felt before and will only get better from there." He stopped to think if there was anything else he should command of Cassie. "Oh yeah, Cass, you will feel that same sensation and need in your ass once a day for the next three days and will need me to relieve the sensation by fucking you in your ass"

Eric ran to his room and grabbed a DVD he kept stashed away that was a comedy which pretty much was a soft core porn. He knew it well so he put it in and was at the sex scene in no time. He paused the DVD and brought Cassie out of her trance state unpausing it just before bringing her fully around.

Cassie watched the couple on TV fucking and began to feel a tingle between her legs. She was trying to think of why they had chosen this movie with Eric's issue and all surely he must have a boner with this scene because she was practically beginning to leak. Cassie squirmed trying to control her arousal and make sure Eric didn't find out.

"You like this movie?" The tone in Eric's voice implied she had picked this. She was confused because she didn't remember picking the movie but she also didn't recall Eric suggesting it.

It was bad enough that she was leaking like a faucet and so horny she was constantly wondering about Eric's boner but she didn't want him to think she was nuts so she played along, "um yeah it's a, good movie."

Eric smirked to himself he knew he was going to get what he wanted now. She had gone along with it because she couldn't figure out what happened and her not so subtle squirming indicated just how horny she was.

After about ten minutes Cassie was trying to figure out why her arousal hadn't diminished when the scene ended when another sex scene began. This was a scene of a man and woman who were supposed to be having anal sex. Cassie was repulsed by the idea that some man would put something that was obviously not meant to çavuşoğlu escort go in a woman's ass there just to please himself with not a care about how the woman felt and on top of that the scene was terrible. It was obviously a simulation of sex.

Just then she started to feel a sensation in her own ass. It was almost like an itching but different. "What the hell is wrong with me," she thought. As much as she was trying there really was no point in trying not to squirm. At this point she was writhing about very obviously.

"Fuck I need a fat cock in my ass," Cassie thought to herself surprising herself with that thought. Then she realized it wasn't just a thought but she really needed a cock in her ass as the sensation was becoming overpowering. Before she knew what she was saying Cassie looked at Eric and in the most pathetic pleading voice begged him, "Eric, please Eric I need you to fuck me in my ass." She was stunned but only momentarily as the sensation continued to intensify.

For his part Eric had expected it would happen more subtlety so he too was stunned. Instinctively he went to say something and was cut off. "I don't need you to speak" she said as she stood and yanked down her shorts exposing her bare ass. "You've wanted this we both know that now please put your dick in my ass!"

Eric's erection was painful it was so hard. He couldn't take his eyes off of her perfect white globes as he began unbuckling his pants. Cassie had bent over the couch and was rubbing the juices running out of her pussy into her asshole preparing the way for Eric. She used her free hand to pull her ass cheek open for him. "Hurry!"

It was exquisite. The head of his dick pushed against the tiny hole and while she certainly was not trying to resist even with her pussy juice and arousal it took effort to pierce her virgin ass. Once inside Eric thought he would explode immediately.

Cassie was another story altogether. As soon as Eric was able to barely break the surface of her ring she exploded in orgasm. She couldn't believe it. She had been so repulsed by anal sex and now her brother had barely begun and her pussy was a sopping mess.

With every stroke it just seemed to get better. She couldn't believe what she was experiencing. Jamal seemed like an amateur compared to what Eric had done to her in less than a minute. She felt him find a stroke and begin pounding away at her ass and felt herself on the way to another explosion.

Eric wanted to say something smooth but all he could manage were grunts, some "shits" and "fucks" He was gritting his teeth trying to hold back but he knew he would burst momentarily. He had no skill whatsoever and was just jackhammering his sister into the couch. Her overly engorged clit was being rubbed raw by the not so smooth fabric of the couch rubbing against it with each thrust.

Her nails gripped the arm of that couch and dug into the fabric as a powerful wave caused her to tense more muscles than she was ever consciously aware she had. She gnashed her teeth straining as everything went black. Eric's dick was trapped in her ass which basically became a vice as she came. Stuck there her spasms, which in her ass matched the ones in her pussy, served to milk the cum right out of his balls.

"Fuuuucckk!," Eric yelled releasing his nuts into his sister's bowels. He collapsed over her his head between her shoulder blades trying to catch his breath. Eric was proud that he wasn't a two pump chump as they say. He may have been a two minute chump but he wasn't a two pump chump. Laying there he realized it didn't matter because Cassie was in ecstasy. The command he had given her made anything he did great for her.

Eric tried to stand but his legs weren't steady yet and he stumbled backwards into a chair in the living room. Looking up he could see Cassie stirring but still bent over the arm of the couch. Her ass had a reddish flush and her legs were a mess of her juices and his cum which had begun leaking out of her ass.The sight pumped new life into his deflated member.

As Eric thought about having seconds of the best desert he had ever had Cassie was coming back to the land of the living. Regaining her composure she spun so that she was sitting on the arm of the couch instead of bent over it.

Cassie looked at Eric his erection having returned pointing angrily at her. She felt a twinge in her pussy when she saw it. She felt sick. She had just begged her brother to fuck her in the ass and even now seeing him sitting there aroused her.

He wasn't the sick one she was. "I'm sorry Eric," she said and kept apologizing as she ran out of the living room. He tried to cut her off to say she had nothing to be sorry about but she was gone.

Eric sat there concerned about his sister but wondering how he was going to explain the stain that the cum which leaked out of Cassie's ass when she sat on the arm was creating on his mother's precious couch.
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