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Standart The Nude Day Assignment

This started out as a Nude Day Contest story; but, it grew its own legs. Once a story starts it takes on a life of its own, I have to give it time to reveal itself. First of all this is a story, whether you like it or not is out of my control. I do hope you like it, no matter what please let me know your thoughts and vote, it's the only way to measure your interest. Lastly, all names and places are entirely fictional and all characters are of legal age ... thanks for reading!



I'm sitting here on our back porch looking out on Little Bear Creek. It's a beautiful June day in northern California, about 72 degrees with crystal blue skies and a scattering of soft white clouds. It's the kind of day that reminds me that I am lucky to be alive.

"DAVID ... DAVID ... where the hell are you?"

The sound of my sisters' voice is loud and clear and she sounds a little pissed, "What do you want?" I bellow as loudly as I can ...

Just then the screen door popped open with a bang and she says, "Sittin' on your ass I see ..."

"Yes Leah, I am sitting and this is my ass; so what the fuck do you want?" I say with as much sarcasm as I can muster on short notice. It seems like we're always on each other's last nerve.

"Mom says I'm supposed to do your fuckin' laundry since you are so busy. And obviously, you are waaaay too busy to do your own laundry!" Her voice reeks with exasperated frustration -- clearly she argued with our mother and was overruled. She was18 last Saturday and after a full 7 days as a real adult she is waaaay to important to do something as menial as the laundry.

I summon up all the patience I can manage and say in a soft, clear voice, "Leah, my laundry is in my bedroom in the laundry basket. Every piece of laundry is in the basket ..."

"FUCK YOU DAVID! I know where the fuckin' laundry basket is!!!" she screamed as she stomped away.

Now I don't want you to think I'm being a prick or in some way putting all the housework off onto my sister. I am responsible for pretty much everything outside the house which is 56 acres, a dozen chickens, 38 sheep and at last count 4 hogs and 12 piglets, plus the trash and that's no little job. Where we live, up in the ass end of Montok County which is about 77 miles from Stockton and 82 miles from Sacramento up next to the Sierra Nevada Mountains National Forest, there is no trash pickup. Here we burn the paper goods and recycle everything else which means I burn the paper goods and haul all the rest to the County Recycling Center 18 miles away.

We live in the sticks, about 8 miles away is a crossroads settlement of sorts -- there's a Post Office General Store - Liquor Store combination, gas station and garage, the propane gas distributor and a couple of houses -- that's what passes for nearby civilization; it's known as the Pace Settlement. Almost everybody else makes a living from lumber or ranching cattle and sheep. We don't do either.

Mom works for the local propane gas distributor, sort of a combination secretary and bookkeeper. I work for a couple of small ranchers doing general labor and go to college ... well, to community college. I have to drive over 30 miles over to the Northern Central Community College and I take a couple of courses online. This keeps me really busy so being able to sit on the back porch and enjoy the view is a rare privilege. But, I suppose I should check on Leah.

In the house and through the kitchen down the hall to the left and into the laundry room, I see my almost naked sister bent over sliding her panties down and dropping them into the washer. Leah is just a tad over 5'4" with long legs and a lovely inverted heart shaped butt. In her current position there is just enough room between her thighs that I can clearly see the back of her fuzzy pussy popping out like a summer peach and a bit further up is her little brown button asshole. If she weren't my sister I'd love to move up behind her and push my dick in deep. Shit she looks good in that position.

"Damn little sister, you have a beautiful bottom ..."

"You son-of-a-bitch!" she says as she spins around. Instead of covering up she stands up tall as she can with her feet spread, hips forward and hands on hips. She stands there exactly like mom when she's pissed, except I've never seen mom naked. "Do you like what you see, Do You??" she shouts at me.

Keeping my voice level and calm, I say softly, "Yes I do, you're beautiful."

She stood there a moment her pale grey eyes shining, and then she realized she was naked and that I was staring. One hand flew up to cover her breasts and the other down to mask her furry taffy blond pussy, "Damn it David, get the fuck out of here!" She sounded conflicted and frustrated.

Leah has a nice face, a lovely, friendly, sweet face ... she's no beauty queen but you just know that she will be a pleasure to look at as she grows older, that same sweet smile will greet you every time. Then there's her body; nice, fetiş escort really nice, her breasts are pear shaped with large brown areolas maybe 3 inches across surrounding gumdrop sized pink-brown nipples. They're not big breasts, perhaps a fat B Cup but on this slender girl they look huge.

As I said she's 5'4" and very lean like a healthy swimmer with a golden tan. Except in our case it's no tan, it's the skin color we inherited from our Dad. And then there is her pussy, it's covered in a dense curly blond-brown bush making it hard to see unless you're behind as I was just moments ago. Leah has a small pink opening surrounded by butterfly lips, I just wanted to push my face in it and suck out her juices, but she's my sister -- I can only dream.

All dressed up, Leah is a nice looking girl, naked I'll be jacking off to that image for nights to come or cum whichever you prefer. Anyway, I need to get ready to go to school -- down the hall to the far bedroom past the big store room. Thinking about my naked sister I drop my shorts -- I go commando under shorts at home -- and begin to softly stroke my stiffening cock.

I grab some tissues and step in front of the big dresser mirror; I love to watch myself jack off. It must be something about seeing cum exploding from my cock that's so exciting as well as the great feeling. Just then I catch movement behind me in the mirror. I don't stop, mom is at work so it can only be Leah and somehow I want her to watch. I can see her peeping around the door frame as I squint through closed eye lids.

Her presence excites me and the deep burn starts quickly in my belly and balls; I can feel my nuts tighten up as my cock shaft swells. I catch three ropes of cum as it explodes from my cock. The feeling is amazing. I hear a low moan escape from my lips as my body tilts backwards and my cock throbs -- just then her face disappears.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

My fucking brother gets all the breaks. I'm stuck here doing the damn laundry and the fucker walks in on me when I'm changing, I'm gonna' give him a piece of my mind. Down the hall to his bedroom where I hear a soft groan, what the fuck? I look around the door carefully and there he stands in front of the mirror jacking off. I've never seen anybody jack off before, oh yeah, I've heard of it -- sure, of course. But first hand, in person, never.

I don't want to be caught so I look in carefully, his eyes are closed and he's rubbing his cock -- shit, that think looks pretty big, I'm no expert but still, it looks big and the knob on the end looks to be the size of a tennis ball -- no probably not that big but still ... shit!

I don't know why I'm breathing so hard, I have to be quiet. He's speeding up, crap he's really rubbing it hard and fast ... oh shit, look at that thing squirt ... God, that's so much ... oh crap, I better get out of here, I can't be caught watching him. Jeez, I am so hot right now.

Back to the laundry room as fast as I can; I'm just wearing an old t-shirt and a pair of cotton shorts so it's easy to slide my fingers up under the leg of my shorts and find my wet pussy. Oh God, Oh God my fingers feel so good sliding along my slit and rubbing my wet clit ... in and out, in and out, in and out, faster, faster ...

I can feel the hot flash, the deep spasm and vibration from my toes to the top of my head ... God what a cum, this may be the best ever ... Oh shit, it's so good! Fuck, I juiced so much it's all over my hand and inside my shorts. I let them fall to the floor and quickly wipe my pussy and hand, immediately tossing them into the washer. Except for the intense smell of pussy all the evidence is gone.

I hear his truck start and know he's off to school. My brother is pretty good looking if I do say so myself; if we lived anywhere near civilization he'd be up to his neck in pussy -- at least, I think so. Frankly, if he weren't my brother I'd like to spend some time getting to know his fat cock. I've actually never met a cock personally. My friend Beth says she's fucked a couple of guys but I think she's full of it. None of the guys in our high school are all that hot, unless maybe you were drunk or stoned, then maybe.

David is gone for the day, mom won't be back until near dark so I think I'll just throw the t-shirt in the washer as well and wander around the house naked all day -- I like being naked, it just feels free and natural.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

One thing that's good about my Community College is that it's really not hard, in fact it's easy -- I think of it like High School with a little more homework; plus you get full credit for all core courses at any college or university in the State of California and they have Saturday classes -- that's why I'm here today.

As I'm parking the old truck, Monica Ortega bangs on the door, "Hey Davey, gaziantep fetiş escort want to walk to class with me?"

Monica is a fun girl; she has those big jelly soft tits -- a double handful -- a nice big round ass, a pretty face and a great smile. She has had a crush on me since we were kids and we've been fucking since last fall. We've known each other since grade school but I was always too shy to say anything. At the start of last semester she broke the ice. I'd gone to a school basketball game and she came over and sat beside me, then she said, "Davey, do you like me?"

"Yes, why wouldn't I ..." I said.

"Would you like to fuck me?" she said with a sly smile and batted her eyes like an old time movie diva.

All I could do was blush like a beet, cough and sputter ... it was so cool of me ... "I, ah, I, ah, yes I would."

She took my hand and said, "Well come on, I'm not getting any younger." Down from our seats, we slip carefully under the bleachers so no one will see. She reached down and rubbed my crotch feeling my hard cock. "Damn Davey, that feels like a big one; can I see it?"

I just stared at her, not knowing what to do next.

"Davey, drop your pants so I can see it, OK?" her voice was thready, impatient and a little scared.

"Oh sure, yes, absolutely ..." I quickly unbuckled and dropped my pants as she reached in and tugged down my white Sears briefs. My boner popped up and out, throbbing with need.

"Sweet Jeez almighty Davey; that is one big dick!" she grabbed it with both hands and just held me.

"Oh God Monica, that feels so good."

She stopped and looked directly into my eyes for what seemed like a long time. Then she reached up and took my face in her hands, "Davey, I'm not a whore or anything. I have always really liked you since we were little kids. I trust you; you're a really good sweet guy. I'm just tired of being a virgin and there's really nobody nearly as good as you in my life ... can I trust you?" her voice was soft and low and even more scared.

I thought to myself ... this is your opportunity David, you can get you some pussy with a damn nice girl, so I said, "Yes you can trust me. This will be our secret, besides, I'm a virgin too." I'd barely stopped talking when she stepped in and hugged me so hard that I could feel her heart beating.

So I did the natural thing a guy does with his pants on the ground and his cock out, I kissed her and hugged her back. She quickly wiped a tear from her eye, took a couple of deep breaths and turned around. She was wearing a college sweater, a pleated cheerleader type skirt and tennis shoes. She simply leaned forward and grabbed a bleacher support strut, flipped her skirt up over her back and presented her naked bottom to me. She's a rancher's daughter and knows how things work.

In a stiff, formal voice she said, "Go ahead Davey, fuck me." Honestly, we were both really scared.

Right then and there I decided to do the best I could for her, so I leaned down and kissed her big cinnamon brown butt. She sucked in her breath so I kissed her bottom again and spread her cheeks as wide as I could. Her big pink butt hole and the back of her pussy came into the light. So, doing what the porn guys did, I stuck out my tongue and licked her from the base of her pussy to the top of her crease. Then I let my tongue pay attention to her pink butt hole.

"Shit, shit, shit ... Oh God Davey, that's really nice," she said in a deep resonate voice.

So I licked and sucked everything from top to bottom for quite a while until her pussy began to drip juices and she filled the air around us with lots of deep grunts and moans. Then I decided was time to plunge in, and I did, nice and slow, driving my cock in until I felt my pelvis rest against her big soft bottom. It was a truly a hot wet magnificently wonderful feeling.

"Oh Davey, more please. Faster and harder please, please ..." she said her voice was thick and hungry. So I did my best to oblige, I fucked faster and then harder and harder until the soft flesh of her butt danced and wiggled as I rammed into her from behind. I loved watching the proud flesh of her pussy cling to my cock as I pulled back and her bottoms fleshy dance when I hammered it home.

"Oh God, Oh God Davey, I'm cumming, oh mmmmmmmmmyyyyy ..."

And somehow that triggered me as well, the deep burn began in my belly and balls, I could feel my balls tighten up and the fiery hot rush of cum exploding deep into her cunt again and again. My fingers dug deeply into her soft flesh gluing her to me as we rocked back and forth together. I held us together until emotion and fatigue took over.

As we came apart, my cock flopped wetly against my thigh and Monica used nearby bleacher struts to help her stand upright again; she turned and hugged me hard giving me deep wet kisses; there were tears on her face and in her eyes.

"Monica did I hurt you or gaziantep fetiş escort do something wrong?"

"Oh no baby, everybody says the first time is no good; but this was wonderful, I saw stars, it felt so good I thought I might die." She took my face in her hands and pulled me down so she could kiss my eyes and face and finally my lips.

"Davey, hold me for a while, I'm not sure I can walk," and I did for a long time, it was really nice standing together like that.

Finally she stepped back and reached for her purse from it she took several kitchen napkins. She handed me two and said, "Wipe your beautiful dick off baby; I have to mop up a little bit too."

We didn't really become boyfriend-girlfriend exactly, but we sure became Sex Friends and very, very, very close friends. We told each other everything, and I do mean everything. Later we would pool our money and get a room at the College Inn where we did everything we could think to do again and again and again. She even went to the library and checked out a copy of the Karma Sutra, and believe me some of that stuff ain't possible, at least for this human. I even spent the better part of a full hour reaming her asshole, but that's a story for another time. On this day I was really horney despite beating off at home.

As we walked toward class I said, "Would you do me a serious favor?"

"What do you need my very special big guy?"

"How about a really hard suck, I need to cum, I'm about to bust!"

"Well that was romantic," she said with a sly smile, "but, OK, in the stairwell downstairs ..."

It was with great relief that once inside the stairwell she sucked my cock like a hungry baby calf prompting a heavy flow of cum filling her mouth almost to overflowing. After leaning back with a shit eating grin on her face, she swallowed and said, "Shit Davey, you are really worked up that was at least a double load! What's going on with you?"

"I promise I'll tell you all about it after class," and off to class we went.

Our Human Sexuality Class is required for all degree candidates -- or to put it another way, if you had over 36 hours and looked like you might get your Associates Degree, then you had to take it. It was supposed to be really easy. All you had to do was show up, watch the movies, listen to the lectures and make a 70 or better on 2 multiple choice tests ... easy, peasy!

Today, things were going to change, just a little.

Our class was team taught by Helen Case, Girls Volleyball, Track and Field Coach, and her husband James, Men's Football, Baseball and Track and Field Coach. Apparently coaches don't have enough to do and as importantly, they can be trusted with a course like this. While everybody got settled in their seats, Coach Helen and Coach James called for quiet.

"OK folks, today we're going to see if you really want to graduate. To pass this course you not only have to pass the mid-term and final exams but you must also do a 7-page paper describing your experiences and conclusions on a research topic."

Mary Ann Davis stood up immediately, Mary Ann always stood up, "Coach, why the change and what's the topic?"

Coach James said, "Very good question Ms. Davis. In response, first let me say that we live in a very progressive state -- the state now requires that you complete a research topic of our, that means Coach Helen and myself, choosing. Secondly, the topic we've chosen will help Coach Helen complete her doctoral dissertation in Human Sexuality and positively expand your understanding of yourself and your family."

Just then Coach Helen stepped forward and said in her most serious tone of voice, "So now you know why; here is the topic: THE IMPACT OF NUDE DAY ON MY FAMILY."

Mary Ann popped up immediately, "Nude Day Coach?"

Coach Helen responded, "I'm sure you have all heard of Nude Day. It's practiced in most states in late June or early July and is intended to demonstrate the beauty of every human body in a non-sexualized manner. In California Nude Day will be next Wednesday, 4 days from now. On Campus voluntary nudity will be practiced -- look for the flyers going up today around Campus."

Mary Ann was still up, "I still don't get it, what are we supposed to do?"

Coach McNutt spoke up, "You are expected to get naked on Campus and around your family for the entirety of Nude Day, more if you wish. When you are not on Campus or around your family, we expect you to dress as usual. Based on this experience you are to write a 7-page paper describing your feelings and those around you and your resulting conclusions. Got it?"

Mary Ann asked again, "What if we don't or can't do this thing?"

"You are free to drop this course immediately with a Dropped Passing record which will not affect your GPA, but if you chose to graduate with a degree you will have to take it again. Before you ask, I have no idea what the research topic might be in the future," said Coach James.

Coach Helen began passing out flyers describing the Nude Day event on Campus, "You might want to show these to your family if you decide to finish the course. Be sure and turn your flyer over, there is a full description of this assignment on the back. For those of you who decide to drop out, I'll be in my office until 4:30 this afternoon, just come by and fill out the form."
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