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Standart Glitter Glamour Coffeehouse

Mother discovered as a model finds lots of fun.I am so excited to tell you my story of fame and fortune. I dreamed of it for most of my life but after marriage, two beautiful daughters and ten extra years I had given it all up. They just don't look for thirty-five year old models.

I love coffee. Every week my girlfriends and I get together after we take the kids to school and talk about our husbands, the kids and how bored we are with our mundane lives. They're certainly not the lives we had dreamed of when we were thinking about adulthood.

It was a Thursday morning about ten o'clock. The four of us were scrunched around a table for two because for some reason the Coffeehouse was full of college kids and blue-gray-haired old women.

As I glanced around the shop I smiled. I wondered if I would still sit here with my friends when my hair was white and complain about my lazy husband and brag about the kids' latest accomplishments.

Deep in a conversation about the new report cards and that our husbands needed to learn how to wash their own soiled underwear; we were approached by one of those white haired women.

But this one was very beautiful. She stood very tall and erect and her skin, though thin was radiant. She looked like a model. Still beautiful in her advanced years.

She stood there, a few feet from the table and seemed to be looking right at me. I smiled at her and she nodded back.

Then she came and stood by me. "May I have a word with you in private, Miss?" she inquired.

I smiled at her and thanked her for calling Miss. "I have two little girls ages eight and ten, so thank you for making me feel young."

"But you are young, you are beautifully radiant and you glow. Have you ever done any modeling?"

I stuttered; my eyes grew big and filled with a mist of tears. "Wow, you must be psychic. I've dreamed of being a mole most of my life; but now I'm a bit old for that profession." I told her.

"Oh but you're not. You are very vibrant and beautiful. With the right clothes and makeup people would see you as a twenty-five year old, a beautiful twenty-five year old. Would you like to come to my office for an interview?

Stuttering, I somehow got the words, "I would love to but I still think I'm much too old to start modeling. I'm sure I'm not what you're looking for."

"Oh but you are," she handed me her card and asked me to be there tomorrow morning after I had dropped the kids off for school.

As she walked away, my friends stared at me in awe and I was numb. I couldn't believe what had just happened.

My first words were, "What do I tell Michael?"

They just laughed. Melissa said, "Tell him to go fuck himself!" and everyone laughed.

The appointment was for nine o'clock, and the kids needed to be dropped off at school fifteen miles away at eight thirty. With rush hour traffic I had to ask Michael to take the kids to school.

"Why, that's your job" he complained.

"Because I have a job interview and we need the money," I told him honestly.

"You never told me you had an interview," he grumbled but took the kids to school.

I didn't know what I should wear. I found a great forest green dress in the back of my closet that I hadn't worn in a year. I wasn't sure that I could fit in it anymore. But I guess the gods were with me because it fit better than it did when I brought it.

My hands were shaking and I had to pee like mad when I drove up to the modeling agency parking lot. I checked the card to make sure that I was at the right place. My hands were trembling.

The company name was Perfect Models. And the women I saw going in were beautiful and definitely perfect.

I almost turned around and ran back to my SUV. Then I thought, this is my last chance to make my dream come true.

I lifted my head high and walked in as if I belonged there. The name on the card was Anabella Stuart.

I found the receptionist area and asked for directions to her office. She was called to verify that I was expected and then a man came an escorted me to her office.

The office was painted in pinks and mauve. Expensive antique furniture filled the office and she invited me to sit in one of the fragile chairs.

My hands shook as I sat. "I'm sorry, I forgot to ask your name yesterday, what is it?" she inquired.

"It's Marina, ma'am."

"Oh that's a beautiful and it fits you well. Please don't look so confused. I chose you for your beauty and your enthusiasm. I saw it in your eyes as you were talking to your friends yesterday. I asked you here today to offer you a modeling position.

You walk with style and your beauty is timeless. You will have to work your way up the ranks, but I can see you in all of the latest style and you are hd porno beautiful.

I blushed. "Thank you, Ms Stuart.

"I am serious. I'm not complimenting you. You are what I've been looking for. But this is a grueling profession. I know that you have children, so is your husband willing to support you if you become a model?"

Taking a deep breath; I confessed that I hadn't thought that far in advance. "I am still in a state of shock that you even invited me here today."

"I'll tell you what, why don't we do a makeup session and your hair and take a few pictures. I'll send them out to my clients and see if they see in you what I see. If they do, I'll pay you fifteen-hundred a week and you can start in two weeks, agreed?"

"She was definitely a business woman, but when she told me how much I could make, I knew that this was what I wanted. I knew this would give my kids the good life and I would get the glamour I had always envied.

"I hope you're not shy, because we are going to be trying some clothes on you and having you walk the runway and see how you do. You do have time, right?"

"Yes, Ma'am," I lied. But I need to call my husband so he will pick up the kids first."

She handed me a phone and said; "Go ahead."

I told Michel that the interview as going to take longer than anticipated and that he needed to pick up the girls. He grumbled a bit but agreed to do so.

"Okay, let's get started," Anabella stood up and headed out of the office.

She led me first to makeup where they made me look ten years younger and absolutely beautiful. Then came wardrobe the clothes were beautiful and I was afraid to touch them.

I tried on several pieces in a room with five other women, all much younger than me. None of them were shy about their bodies as I was. They laughed and giggled and were having a lot of fun. I had to take a couple of deep breaths to keep from passing out. Most of the girls walked around naked or half naked and didn't even think about the others in the dressing room.

As I dressed, I felt their eyes on me. I felt embarrassed and didn't look around. Then this man just waltzed into the dressing area without announcing himself. I was the only one that covered her body.

One of the other models laughed and said, "It's only Fred; he's a gay as they come. He's not interested in your pretty tits."

She pinched one of my exposed nipples and walked away.

Miss Stuart came in and fussed with the outfit I had on then asked me to get on the runway and just walk naturally.

I had on three-inch heels and I was very nervous. I was sure that I would fall flat on my face. But somehow, I managed to make it all the way down the runway and back without falling on my face.

When I returned to the starting point, I exhaled and I needed to pee again.

Anabella, as she insisted I call her, came up to me and told me that it was beautiful and handed me a long gown and asked me to do the same with it on.

"You have four minutes to change." She called after me.

I don't know how I got the dress on so quickly; the help of one of the other models helped.

"Thanks," I called back as I was headed for the runway.

I took a deep breath and composed myself then strode down the runway once again hoping that I wouldn't trip on the length of the gown. I made it to the end of the twenty-foot runway without tripping over the hem.

Anabella smiled upon my return. "You're a natural! Come; let's talk some more.

I took a deep breath of relief and followed her to the dressing room. An assistant, the gay guy, took off the dress and I really breathed for the first time in what seemed forever.

"Let's go back to my office, we still have a lot to do. Upon arriving she said, " Have a seat; I have a lot of questions that I need to ask. Just relax."

I took a deep breath and she started asking me about a lot of personal things.

"Do you love your husband?" "Why yes, I do! But what does that have to do with being a model?" she just looked at me. "Do you plan on having more children?"

"No, but that can't be guaranteed."

"So you're not using protection?"

"Why do you need to know this stuff?"

"Just answer the question."

"Yes, we use protection ninety-eight percent of the time. But there are those unexpected moments."

"Are you willing to hand over the household chores to your husband?"

"I could if it's necessary?"

"Do you have a problem with other people touching your bare skin?"

"I don't know; I don't think so."

"Would you walk down the runway with just a bra and panties?"

"Yes, I could do that. "t least I thought that I could.

"Do you think you could let another model touch you on the breast sex izle and not let it effect your feelings or mood?"

"Most likely."

"Okay, let me make a quick call."

Anabella called a photographer into the office and she asked me to strip down to nude. I was a bit embarrassed because the photographer was a man. A very sexy man, but I figured he was gay too.

So I slipped out of my dress and panties and followed his instructions on the poses he required. As I posed, he constantly told me how beautiful I was and how he wanted me to please him and my audiences.

"Smile for me baby, show me you are too hot for me and that you need a real man to please!" he encouraged me to let go and I did.

I swung my hips and touched my braless nipples and touched my shaved pussy to impress both Anabella and the photographer.

"You're beautiful baby, and you know it. Strut that stuff for me. Bend over and touch those sexy toes; that's it baby show of that perfect ass of yours!"

And before I knew it, he was done. He took over a hundred pictures of me in different outfits and nudes.

"I want you back here tomorrow at seven o'clock a.m. of course. I'll introduce you to the other models and we'll get you started." Anabella smiled sweetly. "You're going to do good and make a lot of money, sweetheart!"

She stood up from behind her desk and walked over to me and kissed me on the lips. That action shocked me, but she was a bit demonstrative.

I was flying high as I drove home. My mind was darting all over the place. It was five-thirty when I walked through the door and the kids greeted me jabbering about me getting the job.

"Yes, I have to go back tomorrow morning, will you take the kids to school, honey?" I asked.

The next morning I dressed in a very sexy dress and headed for the agency. As I entered the building an escort was awaiting my entrance.

"I need you to come with me. We want to do some runway shots."

Caught off guard I followed her and once in the dressing room I was told to strip down and put on a pair of heels and nothing else.

Shocked I asked what kind of shoot this was going to be. Her response was, you'll see.

Five models were standing on the runway also stark naked. They had very beautiful bodies and I felt that mine was inferior to theirs.

"Oh, you are a pretty one, I can't wait to have you to myself, " one of them whispered as I passed her.

Another licked her lips and dared to touch my erect nipple. Her hand was warm and a stroke of lightening ripped through me. I was surprised at how sensual her touch was. I felt like this was a hazing and an acceptance ritual.

One by one, each of them stripped down and came to me. Each either kissed me, licked me or pushed a long finger into my now wet pussy.

I was shocked at how excited their fingers, mouths and hand made me. I had never experienced another woman; I hand never ever dreamed of this type of sexual encounter. A little nervous, I started backing off as woman after woman touched me in amazing ways.

One lithe girl, about nineteen stood before me, maybe an inch taller than me, and she knelt down in front of me then crawled between my legs that were spread open about two feet.

When her wet tongue touched my clit my body exploded with a shock of pleasure that I couldn't control.

My nipples became hard and erect and one of the other models quickly sucked my tit into her mouth. I gave no resistance. I was hot with lust and I liked the way their gentle touches made me feel.

Their touch was much more gentle than Michael's or any other man I had been with. My skin was crawling with warmth and tingling. They knew all of my pleasure spots.

Five women soon surrounded me. Each touching, licking, sucking and probing in manners that were foreign to me but a feeling that I enjoyed more than any I had ever experienced.

One woman I had met yesterday, Carla took my face in her hand and she kissed my red lips, and then licked hers. I returned it with a savage lust I had never felt. I knew I wasn't a lesbian, but they were quickly making me wish I were.

Surrounded by them the slowly drove me into the runway room and before I knew it, I was laying on a velvet spread, with my legs open and four other women licking, stroking and sucking me into a frenzied state of rapture and lust.

I kissed each of them deep with my tongue exploring their mouths. I sucked their pussies shaved and furry. Juices ran down my legs and their mouths made my nipples harder than I believed they could ever be.

Lost in the passion, I forgot everything I had ever thought about same sex relationships. I wanted them to take me to new heights and give me pleasures beyond my dreams.

Then altyazılı porn Anabella came down the runway. "Okay girls, I'll take it from here. "

She had on a robe. When she took it off, she had a strap-on around her waist. It was longer and thicker than Michael had ever dreamed of being. Just the thought of it made my pussy spew juices to prepare for the penetration.

One model on each of my limbs pulled me spread eagle. Anabella knelt in the V of my legs and squirted lubricant on my dry cunt. She then crawled up my torso kissing my clit, licking my naval, and sucking my erect nipples.

"You are my beauty. I will make you famous and I will love you as you've never been loved. Just relax and you will enjoy a fucking like you've never hand.

She ran her tongue from my cunt to my lips and back down again. A chill ran through my body and a pleasurable fire burned in my pussy.

A tongue grazed my clit as Anabella forced the thick dong deep in my now wet pussy. Slowly she teetered in and out of my wet hole as someone licked my clit lightly.

My eyes refused to focus on the people around me but my mind demanded that I enjoy the lust that my body needed.

I don't know how long they caressed, licked, sucked and prodded my body, but I know that I had never felt so relaxed after sex as I did when they finally carried me to the shower and gently bathed me then kissed me all over again.

My legs were like jelly. But I wanted more. I wanted them each to suck me and lick me and then prod me with the phallus.

I found myself sucking tits and licking cunts and I didn't even know who's they were. I ever let two women penetrate me from either side. And the pleasure was unbelievably the best I had enjoyed.

Hours passed as they each took me again and again. I believe I passed out several times but they continued to pleasure me in my unconscious state.

At one point, I opened my eyes and cameras were flashing. I was being positioned in multiple stances. Mostly unclothed and with mouths licking and fingers probing and women as well as men sucking my body.

Finally, I lay on a bed. Anabella again beside me with the dong still hang in front of her.

"Open wide baby, it's time for your juices."

I spread my legs open again.

"No, baby, these juices. She crawled over my mouth, her legs open wide and she offered me her cunt. I smelled the deep musky scent of a well-used pussy. It excited me and I did want to suckle it.

My tongue reached for her clit first. I knew that would make her fell good. It was already stiff and I nibbled it gently with my teeth. This seemed to drive her wild.

Her head fell back and she caught herself with her arms to keep from falling all of the way to the bed. She wanted to watch as I suckled her.

"That's my good girl, you area the one I've been looking for. Willing to do it all to be famous. Tongue fuck me!" she demanded.

I licked her clit once again then rammed my tongue deep into her wet cunt. She sat on her elbows watching as my face seesawed in and out of her spewing pussy. She tasted sweet and salty.

He hands pressed the back of my head as she guided me to the places she wanted pleasured.

"Oh you've got a good tongue, baby girl! You will be one of my favorites."

I reached up and squeezed one of her nipples and her hips raised off the floor.

"Oh yeah, make me cum baby make me cum like I've never cum before," she cried.

I nibbled her clit once again and her body shivered with pleasure.

Then I stripped the dong from her body. I attached it to my waist and spread her legs wide. I took aim and arched myself above her pussy. Then I let my hips slam down the deep hole between her legs.

She gasped at first then she wrapped her legs around my butt and forced me deeper and deeper into her large hole.

I was sweating from the excitement and passion running through my body and thoughts.

Anabella cried out, "That's it baby, fuck me good show me what I need. Spank me; bite me! Make me your slave!"

My body pistoned on her's and I finally lost steam. I rolled off her and lay there on the bed, wet, weak and more satisfied than I had ever been.

Then I thought, 'I have to go home to Michael and fuck him tonight.'

My good mood vanished for some reason. Probably I knew he could never please me as Anabella or any of the other models had. But I had to think of my girls.

Anabella finally rolled off the bed, slowly. She pulled my face to her's and kissed me deep and long. She suckled my nipples once again and licked my spewing pussy and the slippery cum off my legs.

"Tomorrow we start shoot photos of you. Be here for seven."

She dismissed me and went to her office.

I glanced around and the other models were still standing there; a look of awe on their faces.

I've been modeling for Anabella now for six years. This is my dream.

My name is Marina; I'm a model and this is my life and my dream.
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