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Standart Doctor Dilemma Pt. 02

This is the conclusion from Part 1...
As soon as the call ends, I know I only have two options. Either I go through with this and head over to meet Ashley at my office, or I have to call her back and let her know immediately, that what happened 30 seconds ago was a mistake. There's no doubt I'm full-on panicking over having to make this decision, and the lack of any time to think it over is only making my anxiety even worse.
So I do the only thing I can think of, and I start walking back towards my house with our dog. I'm trying to debate within my head about what to do, but as the seconds start turning into minutes, it's clear that either consciously or subconsciously, all I'm doing is running out the clock on myself. No matter how much I know it's the right thing to do, I can't seem to muster up the courage to call Ashley back and call our meetup off. I guess deep down I want to go through with it so badly, that I'm perfectly willing to overlook all the immoral aspects and potential consequences that come with it.
I take maybe 5 minutes to get back to my house, and by this time I'm pretty much fully committed to meeting up with my son's girlfriend. I tell myself that Ashley is probably already in her car, and I might not be able to get ahold of her in time anyway, so I really have no choice but to go and meet her there. It's crazy how despite obviously being the only one inside my head, I still feel the need to lie to myself. Sometimes I'm just shockingly pathetic.
So as I walk in the door, I do my best to act casual and I let my wife, Andrea, know that something has come up, and I need to grab some paperwork from the office. It's not unheard of for me to do something like that, so it's about as easy a cover story as I could've ever expected to have. She doesn't bat and eye, and I head out and get into my car. As I start driving, I'm feeling a pretty 50/50 mix of excitement and guilt. At one point, I verbally say out loud, "Am I really doing this?"
I follow that by screaming "Fuck!" at myself, at which point I can't help but notice that while I'm driving, I'm rocking a full-on erection. There's no doubt what my body wants in this situation, and it's a chance to give Trent's 18-year-old girlfriend her first ever orgasm. Oh fuck, and now I start thinking about Ashley and her sweet, adorable, body. I think about how she's been trying desperately to masturbate, but flat out told me she needs my help. And then of course there's the elephant in the room, the question of whether she'll end up squirting all over the place, if and when she finally cums. My mind is racing, and I think about how this is about to be real life, and it's not just some perverted fantasy. At one point, I look down at my speedometer and notice I'm going 60 on a 35 mph road, and I realize it's not just my mind that is out of control. But as I continue speeding towards my first adulterous encounter of my life, I can feel the pendulum of my emotions noticeably swinging away from guilt, and towards unbridled excitement. I want this. I want her. No matter what the consequences are, it'll be worth it.
As I pull into the parking lot of my office, I see there's already a car there, and it's still running. And sure enough, it's Ashley's blue Corolla. Holy shit, she's here. For some reason I decide to park on the other side of the parking lot, but as I get out and start walking towards both her car and the entrance of my office, I see her driver's side door open and out she gets. She actually looks a little nervous, which I guess I wasn't expecting, considering she was the one who suggested this all. But then I remember how young and innocent she is, and I realize it'd be crazy for her not to be nervous about this as well. As I approach her, she looks up at me from behind her cute glasses and gives a small wave, but doesn't say anything. I simply say, "We should head inside." And then I proceed to unlock the door and let us in.
As we enter into the waiting room of the office, there's kind of an awkward pause of, what's next? So before I've even asked her how's she doing or what she's expecting, I take the initiative and say, "We should probably head back to the examination room, if that's ok."
"Yeah, ok." She says, and with that I lead her back through the office. I turn on a bare minimum of lighting, so it won't be obvious to passerbys that anyone is inside. As we get into the exam room though, I close the door behind us and turn on all the normal lighting, as it's an interior room and doesn't have any windows. At that point, the gravity of the moment kind of hits me and I start to process the fact that the two of us are completely alone in here.
Now that we're out of sight, I finally check in with her. "Ashley, how're you doing? Are you ok? Sorry if I rushed us in here."
"Oh it's fine. I'm fine." She says.
"Ok, good." I respond. And then there's probably a 5 to 10 second pause where neither one of us says anything, but we're both clearly staring at each other. I'm so curious to know what's going on in her ankara sınırsız escortlar mind. Is she excited? Is she already regretting coming here? I have no idea what she might be thinking, so I figure I might as well ask.
"I just wanna make sure we're on the same page here, so do you mind telling me exactly what you're hoping we'd do?"
I kind of put her on the spot by asking this, but I also didn't want to risk some scenario where I'm assuming she wants more than she actually does. That would probably be the biggest disaster of all, and I need to rule that possibility out.
"Ok." She says. And then she pauses for a few seconds before quietly explaining, "If you wanted to, I was hoping you could help give me an orgasm, and then you'd be here in case anything went wrong." Clearly referring to her ejactulating as the thing that might 'go wrong'. Little did she realize how badly I'm hoping she ends up squirting all over my office, and in my mind that's the exact opposite of something going wrong.
As she finishes, I can't help but take a deep breath. And then I say, "Yeah, I'd love to do that." I then take my hand and gently run my fingers on the top of her head and down through the length of her hair. It's the first time I've ever touched her in a sensual way, but I wanted to give her an actual sign that I was ok with this being more than a medical relationship. And as my hand finishes going through her hair, and continues on over her shoulder and down her arm, she subtly repositions her own hand and grabs mine with hers. So now we're holding hands roughly 2 feet apart from each other, and I feel such a strong physical attraction to this girl, it's almost overwhelming.
"Do you want to get undressed?" I ask, as my heart is pounding.
"Sure." Ashley replies, and then she proceeds to pop of her shoes and then unbutton her jeans and start removing her pants. She takes off both her jeans and her underwear in a single motion, and after pulling her legs through she gently places her two garments down on the floor next to us. She's now standing bottomless in front of me, and for the first time I get a view of her pussy when it's not spread open. She looks adorable here, as she has a perfect little camel toe with just the softest looking patch of light brown pubic hair neatly groomed at the top.
A few seconds go by while I admire Ashley's vagina, and eventually I realize she's not planning on getting any more undressed. I'm a little disappointed as I was looking forward to seeing her completely nude, but then I realize if I'm going to do this, there's no point in at least not asking. So I say to her, "Is there any chance you could get completely naked?"
"Oh yeah, of course. Sorry about that." She answers very apologetically and then immediately starts taking off her shirt. Meanwhile, I'm thinking, holy shit, this girl just apologized for not getting completely undressed for me. Is this really happening? This sweet, innocent girl is probably going to do whatever I ask her to do, and I'm still struggling to believe this is real life.
Ashley proceeds to take off her shirt, her bra, and then even removes her two socks. And now she's standing there while not wearing a thing, with the exception of her glasses, which I wouldn't dream of asking her to take off because they add so much to that innocent look that continues to make my heart race.
She's naked now, while I'm completely clothed, and I take a half step towards her and use my two hands and run them both through her hair until they end up resting on her shoulders. I then proceed to run my hands down her front and gently cup both of her tiny little tits. As I do this, Ashley is looking right into my eyes but not saying a word. She looks really nervous but not uncomfortable, so I quietly ask, "Is this ok?"
"Yeah. I like it." She responds back just as quietly, leading me to think it must be the good kind of nervousness.
I then take my right hand and move it to her back by traversing over her shoulders, so now my two hands are kind of sandwiching her chest area. I continue to use my left hand on her front to rub her breasts and especially her soft, puffy, pink nipples. At one point I stop my hand between her two boobs, and as I hold her tightly there I can feel her heart pounding away just as rapidly as mine is.
I start crouching down a little so I can get lower on her body, and as I do I rub my left hand in front over her cute belly with just the slightest bit of pudge to it. My hand on her back makes its way down to her ass and I start caressing her ass cheeks. Ashley is an incredibly skinny girl and not the least bit curvy so her ass is decidedly flat, but I still love it. I quickly switch to using both of my hands to start cupping and squeezing her tiny little ass cheeks.
While I'm doing this, I realize how different this feels than when I'm normally touching a woman in this very office. I've touched literally thousands of women in here, and even Ashley herself before. But even though I've spent so much ankara suriyeli escortlar of that time feeling their breasts and vaginas, this is the first time I've ever been able to touch someone without any responsibility of a medical exam. This is pure, unadulterated groping with no purpose other than sexual gratification, and it's absolutely wonderful. I can't get enough of the feeling, and I can't get enough of Ashley's flawless 18-year-old body with her soft, smooth, skin and her adorable tiny, petite, features.
Soon enough, I'm down on my knees and my face is directly in front of Ashley's naked pussy. I run one hand through her short, soft pubes while my other hand continues to squeeze and massage her ass. I use both the front and the back of my hand to continually brush across her mons as I both enjoy the feeling of her short hairs down there and also purposefully kind of tease being so close to her labia and clit.
After a minute of that, I skip right over making any direct contact with her pussy lips and instead use my two hands together to start caressing her thighs. Her thighs are extremely thin, and I love the feeling of how small they are between my hands. Sometimes on porn sites, I'll see people commenting on a girl's thigh gap, meaning the empty space at the top of the inside of her thighs when in a standing position, and Ashley's thin legs give her one extremely large gap there. It's at least an inch and a half, and maybe a full two inches. It means there's nothing directly below the bottom of her pussy lips, and when I bring my hands up on the inside of her thighs, I can actually feel Ashley's legs quiver a little from the anticipation that I'm about to make contact with her vulva. The way she's shaking is just more evidence of how nervous she must be at the thought of having not just her first sexual experience, but having it with someone who's old enough to be her father. But as badly as I want to, I hold off from actually touching her pussy and instead keep the tease going a little longer.
After enjoying the feeling of her legs, I figure it's about time to stand back up, but before I do I decide to move around to her backside for just a second or two. So I scoot around her 180 degrees so my face is now lined up directly with her ass crack. I use my two hands to hold and then start kneading her flat ass. Then with my face up pretty close, I pull her two cheeks as far apart as I can without actually hurting her, and it exposes her enough that I can clearly see her asshole. Her adorable little butthole doesn't have a hair in sight, and is amazingly tempting in its own right. I continue squeezing her cheeks and pulling and pushing them back and forth, just reveling in being able to manhandle her like this. Finally, once I've had my fill of her butt, I start standing up. As I do, I slide my hands up the front of her until they settle back on her gorgeous itty bitty titties. I finish standing up while still groping her, and as I reach my full height, I see that Ashley has her eyes closed with her mouth hanging slightly open. She's breathing audibly and has a pretty intense expression on her face.
I move around her and return to facing her front. As I do, I see she's quite flushed in the face as she has a significant amount of color now. Ashley opens her eyes as I'm sure she can feel that I'm right in front of her, and as soon as she does she stares directly at me again.
I decide to ask her a question that's definitely been on my mind, "So how far have you and Trent gone before?"
She takes a second or two to respond and then says, "We've just kissed." I can't help but find her answer surprising, and then she reiterates, "We've just made out a bunch."
"Really? That's it?" I say, legitimately confused as to what the two of them could possibly be waiting for.
"Yeah." Ashley says in response, really quietly. And then she adds, "He has a crush on someone else."
"What?!?" I say, as I'm borderline upset now. "Who?"
"Well that's just what it seems like. I'm sure it's someone with huge boobs and a much better body than I have." Ashley explains further. And then she adds quite somberly, "I don't know who, I just know it's not me."
I'm the one being a total degenerate right now, cheating on my wife, totally disrespecting my son, and yet all I can think about is how much of an idiot my son, Trent is. How in the world could he turn down this perfect body standing in front of me just to chase after someone curvier? Was I ever that clueless when I was a teenager? Although, maybe it's me and I'm the weird one. Maybe these last few decades of being an adult and only being with the same maturing woman has made this petite and adorable girl so goddamn alluring. But either way, I feel like I have to explain to Ashley that even if Trent doesn't realize what's been in front of him, I certainly do. So I remove any filter that holds back exactly what I'm thinking, and I just tell her.
"Ashley, let me explain something to you." I start off as we continue sincan türbanlı escortlar to maintain intense eye contact. "There are two things I desperately want to do right now. The first is, I want to lick and suck every square inch of your perfect body. And while I do that, I want to taste every single taste you could possible have to offer, but I especially want to taste your pussy, as I've never wanted to experience anything in my life as badly as I want to taste the juices coming from your vagina."
As I say this first part, Ashley barely reacts and just keeps staring, so I continue. "And the second thing I want to do, is feel your tiny, virgin pussy squeezing my cock so tight, that I can't help but unload every last drop of semen I have stored up in my testicles, so far into the back of your vagina, that it'll remain in there for a week."
I'm being as crudely honest as I could ever imagine, and still no reaction from her other than to continue staring deep into my eyes. Holy shit is this intense.
I go on, "And if I did these things, I'd be risking my marriage, my career, and basically my entire life that I've built so far. Just to do these two things to you. And you know what? I apparently don't care, because I'm here standing next to you, no matter what the consequences are. That's how badly I want you right now."
So there is it, I basically put it all out there. I don't know if it's obvious that I'm done with my speech, but I honestly don't know what else I could possible add to explain what's going through my head, so I don't say anything more and just stare right back at Ashley. I'm definitely a little worried that I just freaked her out, but then she finally breaks her silence and says somewhat quietly, "I would never tell anyone about what we did."
Oh my god. This is absolutely, definitely, going to happen. In just a few minutes, I'm going to be feasting on her pussy, making her cum, and then if all goes right I'll finish by blowing my load inside of her. Holy shit, all of that is actually going to happen. The only question left is whether I'll get to see her ejactulate too.
"Why don't you get up on the table." I suggest.
"I would love to." She replies and starts climbing up while I swing the footrests out. She sets her feet on them and assumes the position I've see thousands of women in before, but the context this time is so, so, different.
There's no paper gown, Ashley's just completely naked and her petite body is totally exposed. My assistant, Stacie, whose main job is to witness every exam and make sure everything is by the book, is nowhere to be found. It's just me and my patient, and I can basically do anything I want to her. I have neither a mask nor gloves on like I normally would, so I can touch, feel, and taste everything I want to. And finally, this girl is on my examination table, but I don't need to worry about making sure she's healthy. All I need to worry about is making her cum.
I pull my round, rolling chair to the base of the examination table like I have countless times before. But this time, I can actually see my patient's face and as I look up, Ashley is staring right back at me. I ask her, "Is it ok if I lick you?"
"Oh god please do." She answers quickly.
Despite the fact her legs are up on the footrests, I feel like I want her pussy spread open even more. So I lift her thighs up with my two hands and press them back a little further. She is now absolutely as spread open as she could possibly be. And for the first time since I pulled up my chair, I take a look at her perfect pussy.
Holy shit, it's soaking wet. There is a spiderweb of clear mucus spread over her entire vagina. Her pubes are noticeably damp and even slimy, and while the exterior wetness is completely clear, behind the wall of mucus covering her opening, I can see plenty of creamy, white, goodness hiding out in her vaginal canal. I think about all the different flavors that must be contained in those secretions, and I'm sure every single one of them is heavenly.
I can't hold off any longer, as I decide it's finally time to begin. I move in with my mouth open and contorted in a similar shape to how her pussy is, just so I can focus on consuming all of that slimy wetness. I don't go in with a lick, but rather I move in until my mouth forms a seal with her entire vulva, and I can feel her grool on my lips and tongue. I then start sucking and slurping all of this glorious mucus into my mouth, trying to get every last drop. It tastes so good, and while I try to keep some of it on my tongue to savor the flavor, my instinct is to consume it as fast as possible so I can't help swallowing it down. While I'm doing this, I'm thinking about how I'm the first person to ever eat this virgin pussy, and I love that I have those honors.
I suck and slurp until I'm satisfied I've swallowed most of the excess secretions that are there, and then I figure it's time to get to work. I finally move my mouth up and I start licking. I go right for her clitoris and I just start making a bunch of circles on her little clit. She's obviously never had this done before, and it's pretty apparent she likes it, because within a few seconds I feel her hand on the back of my head. As she holds my head in place, making sure it won't leave, I hear her moaning for the first time.
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