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Standart A Webcam Grandmother A Pervert Family

Paul was about as normal a guy as you would ever meet. He didn't cause any trouble growing up. He also didn't stand out in any way. He wasn't bad at his studies but he wasn't great either. He was on the football team as a back up lineman.

He had a few girlfriends in high school. He never got past first base with any of them. He lead a normal life. He had a decent job at a repair shop. He did oil changes and changed brake pads and the like. Paul rented a tiny one room apartment above his grandma's garage. He spent most of his free time up there alone. He was usually surfing the internet or watching sports on T.V. He didn't have a lot of friends.

Most of his friends from high school had moved on with their lives. But Paul was happy just the way he was. He knew he was boring but he just didn't care. He liked everything just the way it was.

One cold night in November Paul's life took a turn for the surreal. He was surfing the internet looking for something decent to whack off to. He came across a beautiful older woman in one of the live camera sites. Her body was exquisite. He hadn't seen her face yet because of the camera angle. He clicked on the site as an anonymous user which was normal for him. He took advantage of a free offer which was also his norm.

Paul got ready for a whack session then he noticed something familiar about the room the woman was in. He wasn't sure where he had seen the room before but he was sure he had seen it. Then the naked woman moved her face into view to adjust the camera.

It was Paul's grandma! He started to leave the site but he couldn't. He was enthralled by the sight of his naked grandmother's body. Paul's grandma, Janet was hot. She had a beautiful body, that didn't look fifty six years old. She was very narrow at the waist. Her hips flared out quite a bit. She had ample breasts that hardly sagged at all. Her cleanly waxed pussy was smooth and still had it's natural puffiness. Janet's face showed some aging but even that was attractive. Her high cheek bones and good complexion complimented her piercing blue eyes. She had a confident way about her that just added to her mystique.

She was typing something on her laptop then she went to the center of the camera's view. She grabbed up a purple dildo and shoved it into her waxed pussy.

Paul stripped his shorts off and took cock in hand. He began stroking furiously. He came in minutes. He still watched as his grandmother continued her live camera show. Before long Paul was stroking his meat again. He watched as his grandma took requests from her viewers and carried them out. She shoved anal beads up her ass, used various dildos and vibrators, she stretched her pussy open with her hands. She even shoved her whole hand into her pussy.

Paul jacked off more that night than he ever had before. He couldn't get enough of his grandma's live show. At two am she signed off. Paul wanted more. He marked the site and allowed notifications to his email. He had to see more of his grandmother's sexy body. He slept better that night than he had in a long time.

The next day Paul couldn't wait for work to end. All he could think about was getting to his laptop and watching his grandma. He rushed home and logged in to the site but his grandma wasn't on. He went downstairs and saw that her car was gone. He was crushed.

Paul watched out his window for his grandmother to return. She finally came in about nine fifteen. He wondered where the hell she had been. He gave her some time to get settled in. Then he logged onto the site and scrolled to her page. It was blocked. He would have to shell out some money to watch her again. He got his credit card out and quickly gave his information.

He now had premium access. What Paul failed to realize in his haste he missed the fact that his web cam was activated. He clicked onto his grandma's page. There she was. She was sitting at her desk with a headset on talking. Paul turned on the sound so he could hear what she was saying. He heard, "I don't have anyone to do that with so for now I am just a solo act." She said in answer to an anonymous question.

She reached up to her laptop and clicked on another viewer. She said, " What would you like to see a lonely widow do today, young man? Oh my god! Paul! What are you doing here?"

Paul realized immediately his blunder. He tried to turn off his web cam. His grandmother shut down her page. Paul was mortified over being discovered. He wondered what his grandmother was going to do. Would she tell his mom and dad? Not likely. She couldn't really, they would be just as upset with her, as with him. Then he heard her coming up the stairs to his apartment.

Paul got up to let her in. There was no use in making her knock. He opened the door to see his grandma's face turned red as a beet.

She stepped in. She said, "Paul I know you saw me on that site. Let me explain before you pass judgement. I have massive debt. This was a way for me to make the money I need to pay off Amsterdam Shemale that debt. I am very ashamed of myself right now. I never thought that anyone I know would see me doing that stuff. Especially none of my family. But you logged on as a paying customer that means you saw a free sample before this. You logged back in to see me specifically. So where does that leave us?"

Paul stammered, "It was an accident grandma. Honest I didn't realize it was you at first. I was scrolling through and I saw a hot older lady's body. I clicked on and then you showed your face. By then it was too late."

"What the hell do you mean, too late? It wasn't too late to scroll to some other site or someone else's page. I checked your history you stayed logged onto my page last night for nearly five hours. No sooner than I boot up today, you logged on as a paying customer. What am I supposed to think?" Janet said looking a little pissed.

"Grandma, I didn't do anything wrong. I did just exactly what your customers do. They see what they like and pay to see more. I did the exact same thing. I am just another paying customer. You shouldn't let it bother you that I'm your grandson, "Paul said in his own defense.

"Yeah, well it does bother me because I am your grandmother! You're not supposed to be looking at me like that. It reminds me of your dad, he was always trying to look at me in the wrong way. He even came home drunk one night and tried to seduce me. Once I caught him stealing my dirty panties, the little pervert. I see the apple didn't fall very far from the tree with you. You're sure as hell not supposed to be doing what I think you were doing while you were watching me. Were you? Did you jack off while you watched me?" she asked furiously.

"What do you think, grandma? Did you think I would just sit up here watching you do all that stuff and not jack off? It was hot. I couldn't take my eyes off of you. You're the kind of hot that guys like me only get to dream about. I'm not sorry for getting turned on by you. I am sorry that you found out though." Paul asserted.

Janet said, "I don't have time for this. Unfortunately, I have to boot back up and go back to work. I need for you to promise me you will never log back in to my site ever again. I can't do those things if I know you're watching. Do you promise? Say I promise, Paul!"

Paul reluctantly promised that he would stay away from his grandma's page. He watched her head back to the main house. Then he immediately went to his laptop to set up another account.

Janet headed for her laptop to set up an alert that would tell her the second that her grandson logged back onto her page.

On her way down she thought how flattering it was to have her grandson getting all hot and bothered over her. It was disgusting and perverted too of course. Still it was kind of nice to know she still had it like that. The thought of Paul whacking off to her made her tingle a little. She shook her head at the thoughts she was having.

Paul's dad, Janet's son Robert was a computer wiz. He had taught his mom quite a bit about computers. She knew Paul could set up another account. She went into network settings as the administrator and put in an ip address alert. This would tell her the second Paul logged in on her page. Then she booted back up and started her webcam show over.

She looked at the numbers and they were very low. As some of her more ardent followers received alerts that she was back on, they began logging back in. But the numbers still weren't as high as they were before.

She started teasing her fan base a little by letting her blouse fall open when she would lean into the camera's view.

Computer Cowboy 66 said he wanted to see more of her glorious tits. He was one of her best customers. She undid her bra and pulled it off through her sleeves, leaving her blouse in tact. He whined that it wasn't fair. She laughed and undid her top two buttons.

Then the alert went off telling her that Paul had logged back in. She was pissed. He was messing up her ability to make money. She decided to stay put and finish her show. Then Computer Cowboy66 asked where she had gone earlier. Janet thought to embarrass Paul and said outright that she caught her perverted grandson logged in watching her show.

The response she got from her fans was unexpected. They all started asking questions. The most common was how old was he. She answered twenty two. What surprised her the most was how many men thought it was hot. She saw her numbers climbing higher than ever as the word spread.

Many of them were asking if she would do a show with her grandson. She wasn't even getting undressed and the numbers continued to climb. She thought there can't possibly be that many perverts out there.

Paul was watching the whole thing, just hoping she would cave in and give her audience what they wanted. He knew she didn't know he was logged in, so he couldn't just rush down there and beg her to do it. That was Rotterdam Shemale however, exactly what he wanted to do.

Then Computer Cowboy66 sent Janet a private message offering fifty thousand dollars if she would fuck her grandson on camera. She was shocked.

Janet private messaged him back saying she couldn't. It would be illegal. She thought that would be the end of it. But Computer Cowboy66 offered one hundred and fifty thousand dollars for the show. He also said that it was perfectly legal in Rhode Island for any two consenting adults to have sex. Family or not did not matter in Rhode Island.

Janet wondered how he knew she lived in Rhode Island. She was blown away by the offer. She really wanted to turn it down. Even if it was legal it was still wrong. Instead she found herself actually considering it. Her debt with the IRS was very steep. She would have to work the rest of her life and she would die owing the biggest portion of it still. Janet considered the fact that Paul had watched her intentionally. She was so desperate for money, how could she turn down such an offer. The requests kept pouring in. They all wanted to watch her have sex with her own grandson.

She could pay off her debts and have money to spare if she did it. She looked at the numbers again. Then she private messaged Computer Cowboy66 "Ok I'll do it, if my grandson agrees. I better see the money as soon as it starts." She then gave him the information he would need to make a private payment.

Janet scanned all the other messages and found twenty seven lesser offers. She made similar arrangements with all of them. The people logging in kept climbing. She easily had over three hundred thousand viewers and climbing. She was going to make a mint off of this one show.

Janet said publicly, "I know you are logged in Paul. If you are willing to do this show with me, please come down here and join me."

She heard his door close. "He's coming." Janet said to her audience.

Paul burst through his grandmother's bedroom door looking way too eager. A lot of Janet's audience laughed. Paul turned red. He knew he looked foolish. Janet told him to come in and sit down.

She looked into one of the many web cams and said, "This is my grandson, Paul. Tell them something about yourself Paul."

Paul felt suddenly shy. He said, "Hi everyone I'm Paul. I um. I really want to do my grandma."

Janet took over, "I caught Paul logged in on my page just a little while ago. He apparently watched my show for free yesterday for over five hours. I can only guess what he was doing while he watched me. What were you doing when you watched me Paul? Would you like to share with our audience?"

Paul stammered, "Um, I was jacking off to your hot body."

"For over five hours? I find that hard to believe," Janet said.

"Yeah, but no, not the whole time. I jacked off about thirty something times. I kept coming and then I would have to start over." Paul said. He felt like a moron for answering the way he did.

Janet had several requests to see Paul's equipment. She segued into it, "So Paul why don't you show me what you're working with? I'm sure everyone would like to see."

Paul couldn't help but sound stupid when he said, "Huh? What I'm working with?"

Janet rolled her eyes. She thought, "This kid is dense!" She needed to take charge right then or the whole thing would fall apart.

"Just stand up and come here to me." Janet said a little flustered. He stood and moved over in front of his grandma. She physically had to shove him out of the way of the main camera. Then she turned him for the best angle.

Janet unbuckled his belt, undid his pants and pulled his pants and underwear down to his ankles. When Paul's dick sprung free of it's confinement it hit Janet in the face.

Janet's eyes grew wide and her jaw dropped when she saw the size of Paul's meat. It was the biggest cock she had ever seen in real life. It was bigger than her largest toy. The women and some of the men watching were demanding measurements.

Janet said, "Oh my god, Paul, if I knew you were packing this much beef, we would have done this long before now. How big is your cock?"

"I don't know. I never measured it. It's about ten inches I guess." Paul said.

Janet knew it was bigger than that. Her biggest toy was ten inches. This thing was longer and thicker than that. Her audience wasn't satisfied with Paul's guess either. They demanded measurements.

Janet said, "Why don't we just find out how big it really is." Then she went to her sewing table and retrieved a seamstress tape. Janet pushed a button on her headset and the onboard camera came to life. She stretched the tape from Paul's pubic bone to the tip of his cock. It was eleven and a half inches long. Then she wrapped the tape around the thickest part of his shaft and it was an amazing seven inches in girth.

"Wow! That's really big! I can't believe you don't have a girlfriend or a wife. You Netherlands Shemale can't keep something like this a secret. Have you ever used this weapon on any of your former girlfriends?" Janet asked.

"No I never got very far with the girls I used to date back in high school. They wouldn't let me do anything with them." Paul said sounding a little sad.

"Are you a virgin, Paul?"

Paul looked embarrassed. He didn't answer.

Janet starting shaking her head, "I can't do this. I can't go through with this. I'll refund all the money. I just can't be the monster that took her own grandson's virginity on the internet."

People on her site started raising hell in protest, but what shocked her was Paul. He flat out started crying. He began begging his grandma to end his curse. He hated the fact that he had never been with a women. The fans started sympathizing with Paul. Janet noticed several women viewers were offering to end Paul's pain. She was torn between what she thought was right and what she was sure would help her grandson gain some confidence.

"Ok, ok. I'll do this with you Paul, because I love you and I want you to be happy," Janet said.

Her audience settled down, some even cheered. Janet checked her numbers. She had well over two million logged in. She had never had numbers like this before. She couldn't even guess how much she would make off of this one show.

Paul asked, "What do you want me to do fist grandma? Do we just start fucking or what?"

Janet laughed. "Let's see what the people want. Then we'll just play it by ear." Janet scanned the feedback she was getting from her audience. It seemed the most common thing was her sucking Paul's mammoth dick. She knew there was no way she could deep throat that behemoth. It's girth wouldn't allow her to breath. She could go all the way down briefly but that would be it.

Janet helped to fully undress Paul. She stripped down to her thong panties. Then Janet got Paul in the best position for her cameras. She knelt in front of him and began stroking his huge cock. Paul moaned and his cock swelled even more. Janet kissed up the under side of his shaft from his ball sack to the tip. Then she took the head into her mouth. As Janet tried to fit more of this gargantuan meat into her mouth, Paul announced that he was going to come.

Paul started shooting a massive load of jizz into Janet's mouth. Janet of course couldn't contain it all. Come was coming out of both sides of her mouth. She pulled off of Paul's dick and he kept coming all over Janet's face, tits, and hair. Janet and her audience were all shocked at the suddenness and the sheer volume of come.

Janet noticed from several women viewers that they wanted her to rub it in and lick it off of her fingers. She did this even as Paul was trying to apologize for coming too quickly.

"Grandma. I'm really sorry for coming like that. I mean so quick. It's just that nobody besides me has ever touched my dick before. What you were doing felt better than anything I had ever felt before. I just couldn't take it." Paul said.

Janet said, "It's ok Paul you did nothing wrong. You will get better as we continue." She was watching the feedback and her numbers. The audience was happy with what they were seeing.

Janet started getting into it a little more. She turned to Paul and said, "You watch a lot of porn don't you Pau er I mean grandson?" She decided to play up the fact that he was her real grandson to her audience.

"Yeah. All the time. Why?" Paul asked.

"I want you to eat my pussy like you see in the pornos. Can you do that for grandma, Paul?" Janet replied.

"Sure I can. Should I lick your ass too or just your pussy? Because a lot of times the guys in the pornos lick the butthole and they even stick their tongues into the women's asses. I'm not sure I could do that. I mean it seems gross to me, but if you want me to I can try it." Paul said in response to his grandma's request.

Janet just cringed at how inexperienced Paul was. This is going to be more awkward than it has to be. "Fine Paul, if you want to then go ahead and lick my butthole or don't. I don't really care, as long as you start licking soon." She got into position on her bed and spread her legs. Paul got in between his grandma's legs and started licking her pussy.

Janet raised up on her elbows and switched on her headset camera. Her audience enjoyed the same view Janet had of her grandson trying to eat her pussy. He wasn't very good at it but he was very enthusiastic. The women watching were texting Janet to teach him the proper way.

Janet started giving instructions. Paul was very receptive to her guidance. Before long it started to feel really good to Janet even if she was guiding his every move. She moaned to her grandson and it spurred him on. Janet realized she was on the verge of coming. She told Paul to keep doing what he was doing. Then she looked into the main camera and said, "God damn this feels good! He's going to make me come. Just look at his cock." She switched on her headset camera and let her audience see her grandson's throbbing hard cock dripping pre-come as it bounced from his heartbeat. "He's ready to try using that thing on me, Don't you think?"
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