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Standart Never Ending Summer Love

I extend a grateful, 'thank you', to my beta reader for her time and energy in assisting me, and for believing in me.


The large brown and white dog barked repeatedly, trying to gain her master's attention. Finally the tall lanky woman cut the engine off on the weed-eater as she noticed her faithful companion. She watched her best friend sit and cock the furry head to one side. "What?" she asked.

"I couldn't get you to hear me over the noise of that damn thing," an older gentleman stated, from behind, with a chuckle as he stepped up to the duo. "How's it going over here?"

With a smile, she looked over her shoulder and said, "Just fine Uncle Jim. I've got two more cabins left to weed around."

"Well that's great. I sure do appreciate your help around here, Regan. It's not easy for an old man like me to do this by myself."

The young woman offered a toothy grin. "You're not old yet."

"Yeah, well..." he scratched at his bearded chin. "Sometimes I sure feel old. Why don't you take a break from that and come help me unload the truck. I've finished splitting the wood, so there should be plenty for at least the first half of the summer."

"Sure Uncle Jim."


Regan worked as the grounds-keeper and maintenance person for the summer youth camp that her aunt and uncle have owned for fifteen years. She and her faithful furry companion knew their way around the thirty acres of land in their sleep because this is where they practically grew up. As a military brat, her father believed the base wouldn't be the best place to raise a child especially when his wife, and Regan's mother, died of Lupus when Regan was barely three years old. Lieutenant MJ Lawless was very grateful that his brother Jim and wife Nora agreed to raise Regan as their own especially when they found out Nora was barren.

After Regan's mother died, her father was so distraught that he immersed himself deeply into the military's work so that he didn't have to think or feel. It took five years for him to accept his wife's passing, and it took a good jostling from his brother to get him to realize he had been neglecting his only daughter. In the end though, it worked out for the best to have Jim and Nora raise Regan.

Regan grew into a strong and independent young woman. She worked hard on the grounds for her aunt and uncle, loving everything about the outdoors. For her labor, Jim thought it right to pay her a monthly stipend with the hopes that she would use the money for college. Regan was very artistic, and had a penchant for doodling while in high school. The doodles soon turned into artistically flamboyant caricatures that she excelled at. A bit of a rebel and troublemaker due to her very independent and strong spirit, she was never one to complacently accept the norms of society. A lover of nature and animals, Regan spent most of her time not in the company of people and therefore appeared as antisocial and introverted.


Now with the summer season beginning, Regan and Jim were preparing the grounds once again for the influx of teenagers and counselors. For the past four years, a group of three churches took to renting the grounds for their youth camps. Regan was all too familiar with these groups and their views, so she did her best to keep her distance and remain professional. As Regan returned to weed-eating, after helping stack the wood at the shed, she thought about relaxing at the lake before nightfall. The nice size lake was used for swimming and canoeing, and there were hiking trails everywhere. The building on the property included a dining hall, recreational hall, and twelve cabins that could house up to twelve people in each one.

Working her way around the cabin, Regan's mind wandered to the one and only summer she had attended the camp functions, at the encouragement of her aunt and uncle, only to learn very quickly how she was shunned and considered a disease when she plainly stated she had always been gay. Hating the hypocrisy, the jeers, the gossip, and self-righteous attitudes from her own peers and the camp counselors, she pulled away and withdrew into herself. Aunt Nora and Uncle Jim did their best to console her, always reminding her that she was fine as she was, and how much they loved her. If others could not see that then they were not worth her time because they were very proud to raise her as their own.


Madelyn gazed out the window of the school bus as it came to a stop. She was just as excited about summer camp this year as her peers, but for different reasons. This was her final summer here. In a few weeks she would turn nineteen and once camp was over, she would be heading off to college and the adult world. Technically she should not have even attended camp this time, but knowing it was her last one she wanted to be in the place she had grown to love and enjoy for the past four years.

Maddy glanced over at her younger brother, Liam. "Are you ready for this?" poker oyna she playfully asked.

He pushed the glasses up the bridge of his nose, and smiled shyly. "As ready as I can possibly be."

At age fifteen, this was his first year attending camp. The both of them had always been close, and even though Maddy was grateful for their relationship, she hoped that this summer would be an opportunity for Liam to grow into himself as a person as he tended to be so shy and introverted.

Maddy patted her younger sibling's shoulder encouragingly as everyone began to shuffle off the bus. Most of the teens almost immediately gathered in groups happily shouting their greetings to one another and to talk about what adventures they would tackle first this summer. Maddy walked straight to the registration table. She decided that she would catch up with any of her friends after she was settled in.


Regan placed her well-worn brown leather tool belt in the back of the pull cart. With a quick single whistle to her best friend, she hopped up on the four-wheeler. By the time she turned it on, the large St. Bernard mix had sprinted onto her spot at the front of the cart. Azure blue eyes silently watched a young woman with shoulder length strawberry-blonde hair leave the registration table. Her heart rate increased, and breathing suddenly became a chore. Turning her gaze away, she kicked the four-wheeler into gear as she took off, trying in vain to clear her head.

For three summers now Regan watched, without a word, the shorter blonde go from a shy teenager to a blossoming young woman. Even though Regan was not involved in any camp activities, it was still part of her job to make sure there was always firewood available and handle routine maintenance throughout the summer. There were numerous occasions Regan would see the short blonde laughing and conversing with her friends. Something about the young woman made Regan's heart thump, and then she'd find herself unable to shake off the feelings.


The first week of camp flew by quickly, and the weather seemed to only get hotter. Madelyn was in the process of taking a shower after her swim in the lake, when she overheard a couple of her bunk mates come into the bathroom.

"Ugh, this humidity is killing my hair. Hey, did you see her stacking that wood by the pit?"

"Yeah, she is such a dyke."

"How can you say that? Do you really know?"

"You know she's not allowed to attend camp, even though her uncle owns the place. She's a bad influence, and we're not supposed to associate with her kind."

"Well, I just don't understand how someone could be such a freak like that. Especially when boys are so cute and easy to manipulate."

Madelyn heard them laugh as they exited, and she knew who they were talking about. It saddened her to hear the people she called friends think that way. She remembered the tall dark haired groundskeeper that she saw every summer. Regan is her name. She silently thought. I remember when I overheard that kind older gentleman with the gray bushy beard call her. Do they even know her name? Why must people be so cruel? Regan, hmm, I still find her name unusual and yet it fits her. A part of her wondered if it was from other's cruelty as to why Regan didn't participate with the youth group.

Madelyn thought back to when she was on her way to join the others for a swim. Regan had been stacking firewood at the main fire ring for the sing-a-long and storytelling tonight. She noticed the muscles that flexed along the broad back just beneath the navy blue tank top dampened with sweat. For some reason Madelyn's stomach clenched and she didn't understand why. Sea green eyes wandered down toward the tight ass within the confines of the faded and ripped denim shorts. Long muscular legs stretched down to the black leather boots. She didn't realize her eyes had raked up the sweat glistened arms, to the slow rise and fall of Regan's chest. Right at that moment, she felt her nipples come to attention, and suddenly she was looking into piercing sapphire blue eyes before she had enough sense to look away.

The young blonde gasped when the temperature of her water abruptly changed. Coming back to the present, she heard a toilet flush, and so she quickly turned the shower off. She took the towel, and began drying herself off. Still feeling odd from the memory, she looked down to find her nipples tight and sensitive. Trying to brush it off to the drastic change in the water, she began to get dressed.

In the dining hall, Madelyn saw the girls who had been talking about Regan in the bathroom. Not really feeling up to socializing suddenly, she took the hamburger that was offered for dinner tonight, slapped some ketchup and mustard on it, wrapped it in a napkin and left the building with an apple in her other hand. She decided to go for a walk on one of the many trails along the lake, and pensively wondered why a part of her felt compelled this year to become the canlı poker oyna tall groundskeeper's friend. She chomped on her apple once the burger was gone suddenly realizing she wasn't familiar with the area she had walked into. "Crap," she muttered as dusk began to settle, and now she had to find her way back. "Why didn't I just stay on the trail?" she questioned to no one.

A strange rustling in the bushes nearby caught her attention, and she stopped. A moment of fear passed through her, and she couldn't decide whether to stay still or run. "God, the last thing I need is for a bear to come out and make me piss myself," she commented to herself.

Suddenly a brown and white four-legged animal emerged from the bush. The dog looked at Madelyn, cocked its head, and barked once. The young blonde laughed at herself, and then wondered whose dog would be out here. "Oh, wait, you're the one who follows Regan around, right?" she queried. "God, now I'm talking to a dog like it's going to answer me."

The dog barked once again.

"Are you lost?" a soft yet deep melodic voice asked.

Madelyn turned around to find the woman who had been occupying her thoughts, standing just a few feet away. " yeah I'm sort of lost."

A slight smirk appeared on Regan's face when she saw the crimson hue crawl across the teenager's face.

"Uhh, will your friend there bite?" Maddy called out as she slowly stepped forward.

No, but I might. Regan snickered inwardly. She looked at her faithful companion, and softly said, "Friend, Shakti."

The large brown dog wagged her tail and started trotting towards the blonde. Madelyn let the animal sniff her hand, circle around her a couple of times, and then lead her back to her master. "You have such a beautiful dog."

"Thanks." Regan nervously responded whilst rubbing the back of her neck.

"My name is Madelyn, but Maddy is fine." She held out her hand for a friendly shake.

"I'm Regan, and this is Shakti." As she took the offered hand, an electrifying and odd surge passed between them.

Whoa, that's an odd yet exhilarating feeling. Maddy thought silently. "Shakti is a very interesting name. Does it mean something?"

"It's actually the name of a Hindu goddess."

"Oh, do you follow Hinduism?" Madelyn curiously questioned.

"Well....uh sort of. I'm not seriously into it but I like a lot of their philosophies and views of life."

Shakti began licking Madelyn's hand. "Hey that tickles. You're suddenly so friendly."

"She probably just smells what you had for dinner."

The blonde laughed. "Well then. So what kind of dog is she?"

"She's a St. Bernard and Akita mix."

"She is so soft. My goodness I think I could just pet you until your fur fell out." Maddy laughed again. "So what are you doing out here?"

"I regularly come out here to watch the sunset on the lake."

"Really? We're near the lake?"

Regan smirked. "Come on, I'll show you." They made their way between the thicket of bushes to the serene water. Taking a seat at her favorite spot, Regan leaned back against the boulder. "We've got about fifteen minutes before the sun begins its descent."

"Wow, it's beautiful here," Madelyn commented as she plopped down in the grass near the raven haired beauty. "What are those glowing things over there? Are those lights?"

Regan chuckled. "That's the camp."

"What?! Oh my god, I walked halfway around the lake. I wasn't even paying attention to how long I'd been walking. Hell, there is no way I'm going to find my way back once it's darker."

"Don't worry," Regan commented. "I'll walk you back. You'll be fine."

Sea green eyes looked at the young tall woman. "That's very kind of you. Thank you." Maddy stated sincerely.

As they watched the glowing orange ball descend, they contentedly sighed, enjoying the magic of the moment and wondering if this was the beginning of a new budding friendship.


When they finally approached camp in the dark, Maddy became reluctant for their time spent to end. She had been having such a wonderful time with the company of her new found friend. In the awkward silence that suddenly grew as they neared the back side of Maddy's cabin, the young blonde finally said, "Hey why don't you join us at the campfire?"

"Uh, no, that's not a good idea. Besides you really shouldn't be seen with me."

"What? Why do you say that?" Maddy asked with confusion.

"Maddy, you do know what they all say about me, right? I mean, come on, it's old news that's been passed on for years. You're going to get a lot of crap if I'm seen with you. Also, if anyone believes that I'm hanging around here too much, then there are only going to be worse stories to contend with like I'm suddenly a peeping-tom wanting to catch the girls showering." Regan's eyes blazed with a mix of hurt and anger that was still evident regardless of how much time passed and how much she separated herself from internet casino anyone here. "I've been accused of similar things already." She looked at the ground with her hands shoved in her pockets.

"Hey," Maddy softly started. "I'm sorry that you've been accused of things and for making a stupid suggestion..."

"It wasn't stupid." Regan sighed, and then said, "These folks here are just not my cup of tea, ya know? They don't like me and I don't like them for various reasons."

Maddy's heart went out to the taller woman. She felt bad for how misjudged and mistreated Regan had become. Not able to bear the look of pain that crossed Regan's features, she stepped forward and gently grabbed Regan's hand. A strong current of energy passed between them that was both comforting and peaceful, and it dawned on each of them that neither wanted to stop it. "Can I be the exception then?" Maddy gently asked. "Cause I don't have any judgments against you. In fact, I think you're pretty cool."

"I don't want you to become a target for their venomous jeers and hate," Regan practically whispered.

Maddy smiled, appreciating how much Regan cared to not have anyone else go through that. "I'm a big girl. I can take care of myself. Okay?"

Regan slowly nodded, not really convinced this was going to go well.

"So can we be friends then?" Maddy inquired as she playfully tugged on Regan's arm.

"Sure, that'd be nice."


The new friends met at Regan's favorite place by the lake almost each night for the next two weeks, to watch the sunset, and talk about anything. "So what do you carry in that satchel of yours that you seem to never part with?" Maddy curiously asked.

"Mostly my art supplies, and sometimes a snack," Regan responded with a chuckle.

"Cool. Can I see the art?"

Black eyebrows drew down over ocean blue eyes. "Uhh...well...I've never really showed my work to anyone. I mean my aunt and uncle know. They've seen a couple of sketches. I just..."

Maddy shifted her position in the grass, and scooted closer to her friend. "It's alright if you don't want to show me," she gently stated.

"No, that's not it." Regan's sapphire blue eyes rolled in defeat. "It's just that I'm really critical of it." She looked over at Maddy who was innocently batting her eyelashes and just watching. The blonde's actions made her gulp, and the butterflies in her stomach go crazy. "Oh hell, here," she finally said as she pulled out the sketchbook.

The light in the sky dimmed, announcing dusk as Madelyn perused the sketch book. "Wow, these caricatures are really awesome Regan."

"You really think so?" the raven haired woman asked nervously.

"Definitely. They are just lively and so much fun to look at. I mean look at the way you captured your uncle and Shakti here. That is just a hoot to see her chase him on the four-wheeler, as if she could really drive it!" Maddy laughed heartily. She turned a couple of pages, and suddenly her eyes widened in surprise. Fingers brushed over the colorful image, recalling the scene in her mind. "That's me," she whispered. There on the paper was a caricature of her in a bathing suit, standing on the dock at the lake where the campers swam. She held in one hand the top of a two piece suit that belonged to Carla. Her other hand was on her reddened cheeks embarrassedly. Carla was in the water, her face fuming as she looked up. A couple of other teenage girls already in the water were laughing. "This was the first week of camp. You saw this happen?"

Azure blue eyes silently searched forest green ones for any sign of anger or discomfort. "Uhh, yeah I was at the boat shed that day," Regan whispered.

Maddy flipped through a few more pages and noticed that there were a couple of others of her in different scenes around camp --- scenes that showed her bursting with life and laughter. "You are really good with this Regan," she softly commented. "Have you thought about making it a career?"

"Umm, no. It's just a hobby really." Regan ran a hand through her jet black shoulder length hair. Looking around at the onset of darkness, she said, "Seems like we missed the sun."

"That's okay. I had fun looking at your artwork." She took a deep breath, and then queried, "How long have you been sketching?"

"Maybe four years now."

"So you have older sketchbooks then?"

Regan silently nodded.

"Am I in all of them?"

Turning her gaze to the darkened ground, Regan slowly nodded, and she missed the smile that grew on her friend's face.

Maddy patted the raven haired woman's thigh. "Come on, I should get back to camp. I'll have to check my bunk and my bags to make sure Carla hasn't tried to prank me."

As they got up and back onto the path, Regan asked, "Why would she do that?"

"It's a camp birthday tradition that's always done the night before."

Dark eyebrows shot up Regan's forehead. "Your birthday is tomorrow?"

With a huge grin, Maddy answered, "Yep, I'll be nineteen, and I'm so ready for it. Technically I shouldn't even be at camp this year because the cut off is eighteen, but I really wanted to see everyone one more time before I head off to college."
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